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Environmental               Sustainability                   Monitoring

              Sustainability                   Monitoring

OUR story

Find out about Instep and the passionate team of people behind it


While sitting on his Hong Kong balcony in 2004, New Zealand ex-pat business man Peter Birkett, soon to be founder of Instep, watched the smog roll in from China and thought “This can’t go on, business as we know it has to change”.

Meanwhile back in New Zealand, two enthusiastic post-grad scientists took off their lab coats and ventured into the bush, optimistic about protecting our environment.


Fast forward 15 years and this has remained the cornerstone of Instep's success:

Sustainability programmes that prompt

businesses to take daily action 

Designed by scientists who like to get

their hands dirty

WHY Instep?

We stay with you and support you every step of the way

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"Think of us as your on-call sustainability team"

Today's consumers want transparency from the brands they trust.  This is what sets a successful business apart from the rest.

By joining the Instep community you are consciously deciding to do something positive about a global problem.  Being involved proactively in the Instep programme makes a statement about you and your business.

"We do it with you  - Not do it yourself"

We are scientists who understand that environmental monitoring and reporting must be carried out accurately, professionally and with little disturbance to business-as-usual. 

At Instep, we assist businesses of all types to meet the environmental challenges in today's business world.

"You Measure It - You Manage It" 

Having over 12 years' experience, we know this is true. We will scientifically measure your business' total carbon footprint and break it down into the three reporting scopes and sustainability initiatives as outlined in the latest ISO 14064 1-3 and GHG protocols.

"But we won't stop there" 

We'll keep you up to date with the latest issues and you'll have access to shared information. We will give you clear and concise opinions and help cut through the data and misinformation that seems to surround the subject of climate change.

"Real Time Data"

Your real time dashboard report is updated monthly. It is instantly accessible to you at any time, any place, so you are always kept informed of your progress with the dashboard at your fingertips.

Reports show you tangible benefits that your actions are having and will help to keep you and your team motivated. 


OUR programmes

Click on the boxes to find out about the suite of Instep Programmes


What sets Instep apart?

We do it with you

NOT Do It Yourself

Tailored to your business requirements including KPI Analysis

 Dashboard real time reporting

Scientifically supported

In accordance with International Standards and Protocols

Aligned with International Sustainability Goals

Personalised Programmes

OUR clients

Select a photo to see a sample of our New Zealand and International clients 

Bird Construction  Canada
Bee Clean Canada
Apple Ramble in the Orchard, NSW
i Light Singapore
The Partners Life DUAL
Hamilton Airport New Zealand
New Zealand Winter Games
F.O.O.D. Week, Orange, NSW Australia
New Zealand National Fieldays
Ceres Organic
Jardine Distribution, Philippines
Edmonton Schools, Canada
Beverage Container Management Board
Oxfam Trailwalker Australia


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