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WHO are we?

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"Now into its 15th year, I founded Instep
in 2006 on returning to New Zealand after living and working in Hong Kong and Asia. 
With over 40 years' experience in the
international specialist chemical
industries I had viewed first-hand the
environmental and sustainability issues
that both industry and business face around the world. I'm excited to use and share my knowledge and experience from 'ground level' right through to the boardroom and on to government level.
Apart from wanting to minimise the impact of these issues, I am in the position to understand that environmental monitoring and reporting must be carried out accurately, professionally and with little disturbance to business-as-usual. At Instep, we assist businesses of all types to meet the environmental challenges in today's business world.
Living in Whangamata, on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, at what has been voted New Zealand's best beach, environmental sustainability is all important".

​Scientific credibility and compliance with all International Standards are key to the
success of the Instep programmes and
consulting services. 
With my scientific team we know that this
requirement is achieved. 
I completed my MSc in Biology at the
University of Auckland, studying Molecular
Genetics and Environmental Science. 
Since then my working experience has involved roles both in the laboratory and the field undertaking air, water and odour testing. 
Over the last 14 years we have created and
developed the very successful range of Instep
Carbon and Sustainability Programmes.

​I feel both privileged and lucky to live and work in such a beautiful, pristine part of New Zealand and through Instep I am able to help others on their sustainable journey. 
My background is in education with many years of teaching in England, Hong Kong and New Zealand. 
I then moved into educational administration with responsibility for budgets, payroll and student enrolments. 
Most recently I have held the roles of Careers, Gateway and STAR administrator, and International Student Manager-all within the educational system. 
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